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So, this was a premeditated trip! I viewed Turtle Bay Cove a few times on Instagram and thought to myself “ Wow this place is gorgeous !”. After seeing the location pop up a few times in my Instagram feed I saw this as a sign from nature. I had to go in search of this BEAUTY on my lovely island, Jamaica.

Man oh man it was worth it but let me start from the beginning.

Turtle Bay Cove is located in one of the most beautiful parishes in Jamaica. Yes you guessed right if you said Portland, specifically in Manchioneal.

We began our journey from Kingston to Portland at approximately 7:35 A.M and decided to travel via St. Thomas to get to our destination. Along the way, we realized that it wasn’t the best decision as the roads weren’t in the best condition for a smooth-sailing ride.

Let’s just say we may or may not be going from that end again lol.

As we went journeyed along we soon approached the well-known PORTLAND sign. It felt good to be closer to the destination after more than over an hour of driving- if you know you know!

To be honest peeps the roads were generally under construction at the time, even when leaving Portland to go to Kingston from the other end. No matter where you choose to drive, take that into consideration when planning your trip.

Finally, reach PORTLAND!


Note :

GPS did a fairly good job in finding Turtle Bay Cove. Closer to the location we asked the locals for directions just to ensure we were heading on the right path. As you already know the best places are hidden most times and Turtle Bay Cove sits behind a community. The location was very quiet at the time as well as nice and windy. It seemed very few people were home in the community close to the cove.

  • No set parking slots but the area is wide, and it has enough space for vehicles without disrupting anyone in the surrounding area.

Entry FEE- JA $500

This was the cost at the time of my trip!

The Cove is well kept by Pele as it is a Private Property.

But let's take a look at this beauty. I will go into other details as we go along.

Turtle Bay Cove is an expansive area to explore and it is filled with rocks and lush greenery around the entire location.


Turtle Bay Cove was once completely submerged underwater and simply observing the structure you'll notice that large corals surround the entire region. It is also said that turtles come upon the shore to lay their eggs in the early mornings. We didn't see any turtles at the time of our visit tho.

A local by the name of Talia showed us around Turtle Bay Cove and gave us some history along the various sections.

Two interesting spots we found were Charm Bason and a free beach nearby through the bushes. The beach we found is known as Peng Beach. Both these locations were quite a trek along with a mini coral climb ( nothing drastic). So, keep that in mind if you're going to explore Turtle Bay Cove in its entirety.

Charm Bason is said to be where most couples go to hang out and is described as a "Jacuzzi". I get why they would say that based on its formation. Pics below!

(Charm Bason in the first two photos and the free beach is the 3rd picture to your right )

At Turtle Bay Cove cove, you will see several small fishes as you swim in the relaxing pools of water. It isn't deep so no worries. Children can enjoy this location as well. A few small huts line the cove where you can rest your bags and relax in the cool shade that they provide.

It is said that from time to time parties are held at the cove. Persons may call ahead and notify Pele if you are bringing a group and you may pre-order food if desired.

The island of Jamaica is filled with many hidden gems and places to tour. Turtle Bay Cove is a unique and interesting area to explore! Nature and marine life lovers will undoubtedly appreciate this hidden gem in Jamaica.

What to pack on your trip to Turtle Bay Cove?
  • comfortable water shoes/sneakers for exploring

  • sunscreen - especially if you go to the cove early in the morning

  • A hat

  • Bottle water for hydration

  • Food/snacks - Or you can order food through Pele and he brings them to you from a restaurant nearby if requested.

Of note: Turtle Bay Beach is a few minutes away from Turtle Bay Cove. Yes, these are two separate places. Due to covid curfew timing and all, the majority of the trip was spent exploring the cove.

Maybe I'll return and visit that side next time!

Would you visit Turtle Bay Cove in Manchioneal Portland?

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