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As someone who had the coronavirus, the quarantine days can seem long and never-ending. What do you do when you can't seem to see the light at the end of those quarantine days?

I'll be sharing my journey as well as helpful tips to get you through the Covid-19 quarantine period. My experience may or may not be similar to yours but I hope you'll gain some valuable coping tips for yourself or anyone you may know that contracted the virus.


Firstly I'll share with you the symptoms I had and how things unraveled.

Long story short, I woke up one morning feeling like I had a hangover like in the movies. Not that I've experienced a hangover before but I'm sure it would feel like this.

In all honesty, I thought it was just exhaustion from work as my job can be physically taxing at times, so I figured it was just one of those days.

As the day progressed I felt worse and the symptoms started to appear one after the other.

The symptoms I experienced were fatigue, headache, lower back pain, a dry cough, and my sinus had been draining.

Infographic of Covid-19 symptoms below as stated by the World Health Organization.


Overall, I felt horrible and going up five steps of stairs felt like a huge task. I'm one who exercises regularly so this was definitely a red flag at the time. #redflag

All my symptoms hit like hot bread within a twenty-four-hour period. So what to do next but to obviously take the test, right?

So yes indeed, based on my symptoms and how everything took a turn, I decided to take the covid-19 test.

So onwards I went to a medical facility that did Covid tests. I did the SARS-Cov-2-ANTIGEN test which cost eight thousand dollars at the time. A nasal swab was pushed into each of my nostrils which made me cringe! Yuck !!!!

I waited a few minutes for my results which I received via email and of course the results came back positive!

Oh, the horror!

Lord knows I was scared and I may have cried ( I really did). I contracted the infamous virus that has been taking the lives of many around the world.

I eventually calmed down and with the help of my amazing parents, I went straight into Quarantine.


Quarantine is basically a period of ten to fourteen days where you have to self-isolate from other individuals to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Quarantine is a requirement for persons who have tested positive for the virus, been exposed to someone who is positive, or if they have traveled from another country. The quarantine period now varies depending on whether or not you have been vaccinated.

*Some countries like the UK and soon the United States won't allow visitors into their country unless they are fully vaccinated.


Below is a list discussing things you can do to occupy your time during your quarantine period. Pick what works for you and be creative yet safe with your time spent in quarantine.

TIP #1

Devotionals whether Daily Bread, YouVersion, or any book or app you prefer. Listen to worship music, pray and find some way to connect with God.

I am a Christian so this was essential for me during this period of self-isolation. Also, asking friends and family members to pray does help along the journey. Just knowing persons are reaching out to God on your behalf does provide a level of comfort and increases your faith.

TIP #2

Find ways to relax your mind. I've learned to just sit, be still and embrace the quiet moments. You can listen to instrumentals or use a meditation app. Anything that helps you to stay calm, cool, and collected.

TIP #3

Repeat daily affirmations and have a positive mindset! While in quarantine you can definitely experience low moods and negative thoughts especially when you're really ill. It's best to try to counteract negative thoughts with a positive outlook. You can even try listening to music that uplifts you or puts you in a good mood.

TIP #4

Journalling is not overrated and I wasn't a believer in writing my thoughts or feelings in a book until I started journalling myself. This activity is really beneficial to your overall mental health.

It allows you to release all your emotions in a truly vulnerable and healthy way. It's a great way to reflect on many aspects of your life.

TIP #5

Everyone's support system will look a little different. So, some circles might be close family members, good friends, or a significant other. Update them as soon as you can on your situation as you will need support from these invaluable relationships. The texts, video calls, phone calls, and simple check-ins do make a difference. Having this kind of stimulation will help you to feel like you're not alone just like what MJ said. Yes, I just said that lol.

TIP #6

To be honest, I thought this was too much at the time, and it might not be for everyone.

But, I got this advice from the start and Lord knows it helped me through those fourteen days!

Simply, create a mini routine or a list of things you would like to do during quarantine. Depending on the severity of your symptoms and as each day unfolds pace yourself and be gentle with yourself.

Some of the things I did were reading, listening to music, and painting.

I had paint and a blank canvas that were already in my room so I created the piece below. Use whatever is in your surroundings that would make you at peace or comfortable.

Do things that will occupy your time in a positive way.

I also had a set time where I showered and had meals as well, seeing I wasn't living alone things had to be in order so as to not spread the virus to others in my household.

I Ain't gonna lie I dunno how people manage prison with just the four walls. #Mercy!

TIP# 7

If you have any pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure or a heart condition, you should take your medications. Make sure to take vitamins as well even if you don't have any prior illnesses. I would also recommend that you update your doctor on your status asap so you can receive sound medical advice. It would also benefit you if you had a pulse-oximeter or even a thermometer to monitor your system.

Pulse-Oximeter checks the amount of oxygen in your blood. The normal range is 95-100%

The average normal body temperature is 98.6°F (37°C).

TIP# 8

Take things one day at a time!

Try not to overwhelm yourself with the situation. To be honest I was worried initially because so many persons had lost their lives from Covid and not knowing for sure how everything would progress I was concerned.

All in all, I do give God thanks that I was able to make it through this experience. In spite of the circumstances please try to relax and not worry.

BONUS TIP: Simple breathing exercises done throughout the day can help with good lung function. Physiotherapists like myself across the world implement breathing exercises as part of the rehabilitation process for individuals with chest conditions including Covid-19.

Inhale through your nose & allow your lungs to fill up. Hold for a few seconds and then gently Exhale. Do this a few times in your day.


My symptoms were mild. Please remember that everyone's reaction and experience with the coronavirus are different.

If you are feeling ill and have symptoms of Covid-19 please do a test as soon as you are able to. If your symptoms become progressively worse you should seek urgent medical attention as soon as possible.

Please continue to :
  • physical distance

  • wear a mask

  • avoid large crowds

  • wash your hands

  • cough into a bent elbow or tissue

  • keep rooms well ventilated

You may visit the WHO website or the Health website for your country regarding the information on the coronavirus.

Does anyone notice I didn't put exercise in here?

At the time of writing this article, my medical doctor had advised me to rest and not do any exercise. The covid-19 virus does attack your respiratory system primarily so doing exercises would cause you to feel extra tired or even out of breath. So, do take it easy and rest and do other simple tasks at this time.

Have you or anyone close to you contracted Covid-19 and how did you cope during quarantine?

Let me know in the comments I'd love to hear about your experience.

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Jennifer Warren
Jennifer Warren
Nov 03, 2021

Love this list.

Nov 03, 2021
Replying to

Glad you like it ! These all helped me during my quarantine time so hoping it will help anyone going through the same 🌻

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