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Seaside Dutchie was a random find whilst searching for somewhere new to dine with my family. It is located in Ocho Rios a few minutes from the highway.

The actual location is in Priory St. Ann. Google maps played an important role in finding the spot. It's hard to miss tho as there is a sign that says Seaside Dutchie near the main road!

So, after turning unto the road with this sign you may notice a few things. You will see another sign on a wall saying Fantasy Beach but do not worry! Fantasy beach seems to be a public beach nearby just keep moving ahead. Pictures of the entrance are below.


My family and I went to this hidden gem one Sunday morning. The place was pretty much empty and only one other family group was in sight. It felt like we had the entire place to ourselves. I walked around embracing the beach and the different features of the restaurant. They had Covid protocols in place re mask-wearing and sanitization.

Soooo on to the view !! Seaside Dutchie felt like the best chill spot for that day. This restaurant with a beachfront view was very relaxing. The space was airy of course and quiet. I really liked the setup of the dining space. They describe their space as "Rustic and having an inviting atmosphere" I agree!

Below are pics of the dining area.


The most unique thing about Seaside Dutchie is their food and how it is presented. Have you ever consumed food directly from a dutchie ?? At Seaside Dutchie your meals are served in a real Jamaican DUTCH POT!

A Dutchie or Dutch Pot is a Jamaican cooking pot. It is a heavy pot made from cast iron or aluminium at times. The pots usually have rounded bottoms, and are very popular because they spread heat evenly and fairly slowly.

The Dutch Pot is said to be one of the secrets behind authentic tasting Jamaican food.

The menu at Seaside Dutchie includes a list of various Jamaican dishes and a few added with a twist. I tasted a little bit of everything above and it was good. My main meal was the Jerk chicken pasta with garlic bread and the saltfish fritters. They had a wide menu of things to select from and a bar is nearby if you only want to grab a drink and chill.

Along with the food they had live music, which was entertaining and fun to dance and sing along with.


After a delicious meal, we headed off to the beach where they had a few beach chairs laid out. We relaxed under an almond tree that had a table with chairs for dining.

The day was cool and relaxing and a good break from being indoors at the time. The beachfront by Seaside Dutchie isn't extremely wide but the beach extends to another section where it seems persons from surrounding communities came to swim.

Based on the day or time that you go to Seaside Dutchie, you will be able to enjoy live music or any other events they have planned for the day. We enjoyed the live music as it added a nice vibe to the overall experience.

Making a reservation via phone didn't work out as we couldn't get through to the Restaurant the day before. We decided to take a leap of faith and showed up without a reservation and it turned out well!

However, they do take reservations through their website online at I liked the atmosphere and would return even for drinks with a few friends if I'm ever in the area.

Can you tell I love the beach? lol

Have you ever been to Seaside Dutchie in Ocho Rios, Jamaica? What was your experience?
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14. Nov. 2021

This is my first time learning of seaside dutchie. It really does look like a nice place to relax and you had me at live music. *adds seaside Dutchie to my travel bucket list*

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05. März
Antwort an

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post about Seaside Dutchie, and I'm thrilled to hear that it caught your interest! It's always wonderful to introduce someone to a new place they might enjoy.

Yes, Seaside Dutchie truly is a gem for relaxation, and the live music adds such a vibrant touch to the experience. I'm sure you'll absolutely love it when you get the chance to visit!

Gefällt mir
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