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Updated: Nov 21, 2021

So, the original idea was in view of going somewhere new with a scenic view, mixed with really good food. Maybe even a location in the beautiful hills of Jamaica.

The search brought us to the prestigious Strawberry Hill Hotel. I mean, who wouldn’t want to embrace the opportunity of having a meal at this location right? I’ve heard and seen a few things about the site, so I was filled with excitement to dress up and have a memorable time there.

Strawberry Hill has a lot to offer such as access to a spa, rooms to stay overnight, a bar, restaurant, and it is also a gorgeous location for weddings. I'll be sharing the dining experience I had at this venue.


  • Strawberry Hill Hotel is located in the Jamaica Blue Mountains, specifically in New Castle, Irish Town.

  • Strawberries were actually grown on the estate

  • Strawberry Hill is owned by Chris Blackwell.

  • The very first restaurant on site was built in 1986 but was soon destroyed by the infamous Hurricane Gilbert.

  • Many musicians frequently spent time at the hotel, especially our very own Bob Marley.


The journey up felt like a long one but it was roughly 35 minutes from New Kingston on that particular day. If you’ve ever driven to Portland from Kingston it would give you a similar vibe in my opinion, but shorter. Expect a few winding roads as you ascend into the hills.

The journey brought peace and tranquility as the natural view was wonderful and different from the regular bumper-to-bumper traffic. It was refreshing!

On approaching the hotel entrance you're greeted with luscious plants on either side with a home-like aura. As soon as you approach the parking lot you will notice a slope-like appearance where vehicles are lined up.

From this point onwards the expansive mountain top view greets you from all angles around the property. Side note: wearing heels is probably not the best idea for this terrain. I didn't get that memo and was the odd one out lol. But this girl had to rock her heels just the same! There's plenty to inhale on this twenty-six-acre property. The views, the views, the views were simply amazing and the air was just so cool and crisp. To be surrounded by such a view was frankly quite peaceful and relaxing. #TakeMeBack

It's beginning to look a lot like Cocktails !

Prior to dinner, we had cocktails by the bar, located close by the infinity pool a few steps away. This drink was delicious with a touch of mint! We had our share of rum punch as we sat and enjoyed the view. We were just in time to see the sunset illuminating the city of Kingston. It was glorious, just like God intended. Light music echoed from the bar in the distance which made the setting even more relaxing.

Eggnog and sorrel were the other drink options around dinner time. That should tell you what time of the year it was on the Island.


After drinks, we went to our reserved table for dinner. It was romantically adorned and truly elegant. The table was garnished with vine-like plants that ran along its midline and miniature oil lamps were lit reflecting our Jamaican culture.

Pepper lights were strung in the open - a signature custom of the Christmas season in Jamaica. #TistheSeasonToBeJolly!

I’m going, to be honest, I don’t quite remember the entire menu for that night but Lord the food was delicious. What I do recall even now in my mouth is the sorrel glazed chicken and sweet potato that was prepared in a special way that was just yummy! I went for seconds but I’ll just show one of the two plates of food I enjoyed eating.

Plate one of two


For dessert, I had bread pudding and vanilla ice cream. We also had the alternative of the traditional Jamaican fruit cake. I had so many fruit cakes that month, so I just chose the other alternative that was just as tasty !! Who doesn't love dessert right?


As is any location, having the right people around you can make the moment even better. Be it family or a group of friends, whatever you decide, good company makes for a great time. The experience is what you make of it, just create good memories mixed with laughter and fun.

Of note, when heading down to Kingston, if you’re not too familiar with the Irish town area or don’t appreciate downhill driving get a designated driver or leave a little before nightfall. Around the month of December, it gets dark very quickly. Consider that when departing from the location.

Strawberry Hill is altogether a refreshing experience and I encourage everyone to be open and explore this location on the hill. In my, opinion this is where elegance meets the luscious mountain-top views of the island, infused with our rich culture.

Remember to always try something new, the journey begins with you!

Would you visit Strawberry Hill Hotel?

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