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Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Cane River Falls, Jamaica. Travel adventures around the island of Jamaica. Shanipani Adventures
Cane River Falls, Jamaica

The first time I saw Cane River Falls was on Instagram! I thought this hidden gem was far away far from the city of Kingston. I initially googled the location but was still not quite sure where it was according to google maps results.

Fast track to a few days after finding it on Instagram I was taken there on a trip for my birthday. Talk about manifestation? or "just buck ups" as we Jamaicans would say lol.

Let me just say this! If you know where Bob Marley Beach is in St. Thomas then you can definitely find Cane River Falls In Jamaica.


Cane River Falls is located in Nine Miles, Bull Bay.

Cane River Falls-Travel Jamaica. Exploring Cane River Falls Jamaica
Journey to Cane River Falls

The road to Cane River Falls is a rocky ride, to say the least. While driving to the location you would wonder if you're heading in the right direction. The road was a bit lonely and at the time you would wonder if it was some scary movie! Ok, maybe I took that too far. Don't be discouraged though, as one thing is for sure if you're uncertain of the route just stop and ask for directions along the journey if you see anyone!

I'm not the best with directions but using popular landmarks along the route is always helpful.

Below is a map route courtesy of Google Maps.

The Harbour view roundabout is a good landmark to use as a start point in search of Cane River Falls.

The Google map says 12 minutes but these things aren't always perfect so take that into consideration. Still a short enough time still from the roundabout.


Anyhoo on reaching Cane River Falls you will see areas to park your vehicle and a bar nearby. The time we went was a little before midday on a Saturday.

Entry Fee- $200 dollars at the time, I believe the price may have increased since then.

To access Cane River Falls you have to descend a lot of steps and go through what felt like a tunnel or section of a cave. As you make your way through this area you will notice a few drawings on the rocks along the way and hear the whispering of the river. This area is cool and has a panoramic view of the location which you will see at the top before you start your journey down the steps.

(Click the slider to the right to view pictures)


Personally, I would separate Cane River Falls into two sections. The first area you will see whilst going down the steps-which does have a railing if you were wondering. The first view is the popular pool-like area with the major falls cascading through the rocks. You will hear the splashing of water and the sound of laughter amongst persons by the pool. I believe this is the view that is most publicized. If you cannot swim I wouldn't recommend you go into that section but you could dip your feet or it depends on how tall you are you may go to a certain level.

However, for my swimmers, you all can frolic and dive to your heart's desire.

Another area of Cane River Falls if you are adventurous and curious is a little further down from the first major falls. In the sections beyond you can find small pools mixed with dry land sections comprised mostly of rocks, small stones, and a lot of greenery a.k.a bush. Wandering too far off is probably not the best option as that side is definitely lonely but if you're with a group then trod along. In some of the mini pools, you can sit and allow the falls to brush against your back. The water was refreshing and cleansing all in one. It reminds me of when they say coconut water wash off your heart. Well, this felt like a soul cleanse.

Cane River Falls is a cool spot to chill for a few hours. It was one out of three stops we did on a Saturday Adventure. Cane River Falls is also close to Bob Marley Beach!

You can check out my blog post on Bob Marley Beach for another adventure in Jamaica.


-The road is not the best but worth the drive!

-There is a bar on site

- Parking is available

-Entry Fee $200

-Wear water shoes or comfortable shoes if you decide to walk beyond the first major pool

-The area has a lot of trees for shade but you can still carry sunscreen

- I don't remember seeing a changing room at the time of this trip-so you may want to think about that when planning.

Overall Cane River Falls was a fun and relaxing location and is one of Jamaica's hidden gems that you should definitely go and explore!

I hope this blog post will encourage you to explore the island of Jamaica!

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Apr 18, 2022

I've been wanting to take a trip to cane river for a while and I think this is my sign to go do it. Thanks for sharing.

Apr 25, 2022
Replying to

Yes, please do! No problem I hope you enjoy the falls when you go !! Bless 🌻

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