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Updated: Oct 3, 2021


Jamaica has numerous beaches, each with its own features and unique vibe. Locals and tourists travel to various sites around the island in search of all types of beaches.

Bob Marley Beach is one of the rare, homely jewels on the island.

Bob Marley Beach is located in Bull Bay-a a dividing line between St.Andrew and St.Thomas. A few may argue as to which parish it actually resides in because of its specific location.

On a good day, it's roughly fifteen minutes drive from the roundabout by Palisados. So, instead of turning to go unto Palisados, you would drive straight ahead, unless you want to catch a flight at the Norman Manley International Airport.

On heading to the beach, the actual road you use to enter Bob Marley beach isn't the best but still worth the drive. You may even wonder if you're at the right place-well, I did a few times. But there is a sign on the wall before entering the community that says Bob Marley Beach! The journey is a bumpy one after embarking on the lane in that community.

Keep driving straight ahead until you see a bridge. Go over that bridge and continue driving until you see this sign below.

Outside looking in you wouldn't believe a beach was at this location. I guess you could say it's a hidden gem.

I hope you understand my directions, if not then Google Maps never fails right? lol


  • The beach was named after Bob Marley as it was where he and the Wailers spent some time

  • It was a popular spot for Sunday Revivalist Church services

  • Slaves would run away to this beach including the legendary Three Finger Jack

  • A smuggling point in the days of Henry Morgan and Blackbeard

  • Slave shackles were found on the beach linking to its history

  • The community nearby is known as Beach Road Community in 9 Miles, Bull Bay

I would say the most chill day to go by and relax is on a Sunday afternoon. It's a nice lil spot for great bonding time with a few friends or family.

The times I've been there were on two separate days- an early Saturday afternoon and on a Sunday closer to evening time, an hour before sunset.

Around this time you'll be able to watch the crimson sky soften into the sunset and lay back to the cool ocean breeze.

Of note- this all depends on the weather that day, so check the weather forecast and plan your visit accordingly.

It's not very populated either and most importantly it is FREE!

I consider this beach good for reflection or any type of meditation. Basking in the sun, the sky above, and the beautiful sea below would be great for those who just want to layabout.

Interesting Features of Bob Marley Beach

  • Volcanic black sand can be seen along the seashore

  • There are shops around the beach if you wish to buy food, otherwise, you can carry your own drink and food

  • The beach is fairly empty- well this is in reference to the times I went there, not many persons were on the beach.

  • Unique stones of different tones and colors and textures

  • Fishermen boats can be seen along the shoreline

Also if you're not the best swimmer, stay near the shoreline as the water is beautiful but deep.

I was introduced to this beach by a good friend and it was refreshing to discover a new beach basically in Kingston, which I never knew existed!

A special thanks to Mr. Norman Stephenson a.k.a "Rubba" for blessing us with some historical facts about the beach. His father lived on the beach for many years and had regular interaction with Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Would you visit Bob Marley beach?

If so who would you take with you when going?

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