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Updated: Dec 18, 2021

It's Christmas and this season only comes once a year!! Having a heart of gratitude for things both great and small is a wonderful way to start the Christmas Season. It's a time where family, friends, loved ones, and even coworkers come together and celebrate the joy of Christmas and the real reason for the season.

Christmas Flashback!

In my childhood, my parents, specifically my mum would ensure we put up the pepper lights, decorated the Christmas tree, and bought each other gifts which we exchanged on Christmas mornings. There was a lot of joy and excitement as a child. We would walk around our neighborhood and look at the Christmas decorations. Our eyes would glow with excitement while looking at the pretty Christmas lights which were exorbitantly decorated on a few houses in the community.

As time progressed and situations change Christmas may not be the same for a lot of persons. It is important that we do remember and embrace the fond Christmas memories as well as create new ones.

Christmas has changed since the pandemic and we all are trying to cope and enjoy it in the best way possible.

Christmas is still a time of hope and giving back and I try to remember this as I go along each year. So I practice gratitude around this time of year and reflect on the many things to be grateful for this Christmas Season.



My immediate family has decreased over the years and that has made things not much fun at times and can even feel lonely. With the family, I have remaining I am constantly reminded to cherish every moment and enjoy the time I have with the ones I love and who will always be my FAMILY no matter what.

Whether your family is big or small, near or far always try to keep in touch and love on them as much as you can.

family time at christmas
Family Time at Christmas


For some individuals, friends are their families. Friends are the ones who have our back and are there with us through difficult and challenging times. They serve a purpose in our lives in various ways and these relationships should be celebrated, especially around this holiday season.

As Salman Rushdie says

"In the Cookie of Life, Friends are the chocolate chip"

A sweet Friendship refreshes the soul


A great transition from that cookie quote right? lol

AHH, food! I give thanks for the simple things in life. I would say food is simple but not many around the world are able to afford food or have much access to this necessity. As such I am grateful for every meal that God has allowed to grace my lips.

Food is essential to survival in this life and being able to embrace the different flavors and cuisines is truly a blessing. So yes I am grateful for food especially around Christmas time where we dive into the Jamaican dishes and have wonderful conversations over said meals.

Some popular Jamaican food include Ackee and Saltfish, Jerk Chicken, Escoveitch Fish, and the popular Oxtail!


Christmas traditions in Jamaica show forth themselves in the latter part of November or earlier, and into December. A few things are unique to each household across the island, while other things do remain the same and are common across the board.

A few Christmas traditions I enjoy include eating Jamaican fruit cake, having a Jamaican sorrel drink, and spending time with my family on Christmas day while eating up all the Christmas food!

I am grateful for our Jamaican Christmas traditions as we are able to create new memories as well as reflect on ones from the past.

Christmas Traditions big or small, unique or customary provide a sense of normalcy and a home-like feeling even if you arent in the homeland.

Christmas tree with decorations
A Beautiful Christmas Tree


As Dorothy would say "There's no place like home" but we Jamaicans would say "NUH WEH NUH BETTA DAN YAAAD !!"

In essence, there is no place that compares to your home. Your home is where you find peace and you have a sense of relief or break from the stresses of life. Home is where your family lives or for the ones living abroad, I know missing home comes naturally and you would all love to be here with family and friends.

My home is Jamaica! The physical structure of home I am also grateful for as it is where I grew up celebrating many Christmas traditions, learned valuable lessons, and nurtured my relationship with God.

Home in Jamaica
Home is where the Heart Is

To wrap up! The Top 5 Things I am most grateful for this Christmas Season are:
  1. Family

  2. Friends

  3. Food

  4. Christmas Traditions

  5. Home

A Christmas ornament

There are many things to be grateful for at Christmas. I hope this inspires you to take inventory and reflect on what you're most grateful for this Christmas Season.

Let me know some of the things you are most grateful for at Christmas!



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