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Such a burden you carry

Scars as heavy as boulders

Thoughts deep as the ocean

What a burden you carry

Are you ready to lighten the load?

Why won't you speak up and speak out above the silence?

This weight feels heavy you say

Yet to others, lighter than air

Will you stop to lighten the load?

The weight of the world hanging heavy on your shoulders

The struggle, the struggle

You stop to wonder what others think instead

Battling between your authenticity and that cloak you wear

War within

Deterioration begins

Please stop and release the load

Looking Up

Catching a glimpse of heaven

A newly discovered hope

If I could just touch the hem of His garment, I shall be whole

What is freedom? you ask

And how much to lighten this load?

He says softly

With me it's free!

Simply trust and believe

Have faith in me

Follow my ways

And I'll take that load


What load?

He whispers... Exactly

And just like that, there is no load.

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